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20 October 2014

Interview with Tom Steinberg on the topics of his talk "There Ain't No 'e' in PPE - How do we fill the digital skills gap at the top levels of government and politics?"

17 October 2014

This talk explores the emerging trends and forces that are radically reshaping learning and knowledge practices. The talk further explores the changing landscape of learning and knowledge practices with attention to motivations for contributing and valuing knowledge in crowds and communities, and the implications for future knowledge practices.

26 September 2014

Mary Gray's keynote talk at the IPP 2014 conference held at the OII.

26 September 2014

This panel examines online learning through comparing and contrasting the MOOC format with traditional online strategies. The discussion will focus on both quantitative metrics related to learning outcomes and research based, best practices in the literature.

25 September 2014

Chris Lintott's keynote talk at the IPP 2014 conference held at the OII.

25 September 2014

Welcome (Helen Margetts) and Plenary Panel: Crowd-sourcing for Politics and Policy (Andrea Calderaro, Rebecca Eynon, Vili Lehdonvirta, Dieter Zinnbauer, Chair: Helen Margetts)

24 June 2014

In the last four years Colombia has experienced a digital revolution derived from an ambitious public policy plan called “Vive Digital”, which aims at reducing poverty, inequality and unemployment.

12 June 2014

Connected Life is a day-long student-run conference dedicated to sparking exchange between disciplines and showcasing emerging internet research.