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15 April 2014

Interview with Sarah Porter about the ICA Preconference.

28 March 2014

In this lecture, Professor Kitchin will discuss how cities are being instrumented with digital devices and infrastructure that produce ‘big data’.

11 March 2014

This seminar in the ICT4D series will draw particularly on some of Professor Unwin's current work at the CTO, where his own personal contributions focus especially on the use of ICTs by people with disabilities.

06 March 2014

In this seminar Professor Jon Agar will introduce the concept of working worlds, illustrate how they can be used to think about past and present science, and identify some problems and issues.

25 February 2014

This seminar will investigate how different technologies were used by CDAC Network Members in the immediate response to Typhoon Haiyan

18 February 2014

The presentation will use the history and development of ICT4D - and its relationships with both development policy and the ICT sector - as a framework to critique ICT4D approaches and consider the relevance of ICTs and ICT4D to the post-2015 development agenda.

13 February 2014

Interview with Julian Huppert MP recorded before his talk "Privacy in a Digital Age", part of the OII's Policy and the Internet series.

11 February 2014

This seminar will examine the Internet in a post-PRISM world, and ask if its power to tackle global poverty will be lost.