EINS Summer School 2012: Plenary: Regulation, Standards, Governance - Definitions and Disciplines


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13 August 2012


Chris Marsden, University of Essex


Governance, Regulation and Standards’ research in Internet Science investigates the technical standards of future Internet design across all layers of the protocol stack on both technical and social/humanities aspects. In particular, the research will shed light to the regulatory and governance mechanisms behind development of Internet standards, and to draw lessons from social scientific analysis to ensure the appropriateness of the standards as the Internet gets deeper into the social fabric. Thus, the ultimate objective is to disseminate and collaborate in developing the research methodologies in new methods of regulation – including stakeholder dialogues and choices that affect the present and future Internets, considering the concerns (such as participation, democratic values, network growth and complexity, interoperability, security, privacy) from various stakeholders and design communities. Its outcomes include strong collaboration with ICT standard-setting institutions, and outreach to social science researchers via long-established connections to the academic communities. The partners are from socio-legal studies, economics and game theory, and inter-disciplinary information studies drawing on socio-economic and political analysis. Their investigation of governance and standard setting on the Internet draws on these inter-disciplinary approaches.


86 mins

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