SDP Alumni conference: Friday


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13 July 2012


Andy Keenan, University of Toronto,
Nili Steinfeld, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Lana Swartz, University of Southern California
Tony Liao, Cornell University


In 2012 we held the 10th OII Summer Doctoral Programme. To mark this anniversary we held a conference to reflect on the past ten years' work, and in which alumni of the programme were invited to present their current research alongside this year's SDP participants. This webcast is a recording of the closing session in which students attending the 2012 SDP presented their unique (and somewhat irreverent) perspectives on the major developments in Internet research and research methods over the past ten years, as well as looking to the future to see how developments in socio-technical contexts might shape research agendas over the next ten years. We love these webcasts because in combining moments of academic genius with quite daft humour they truly capture the spirit of SDP.


68 mins

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