Geographies of the World's Knowledge


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23 March 2012


Dr Mark Graham, Oxford Internet Institute


Examining the geographies of knowledge is a crucially important task, because it allows us to approach and understand issues of power, voice and representation. It allows us to ask questions like who has access to knowledge? What are the constraints to sharing this knowledge? Where is it created? Who controls it? And who, what, and where is still left out of global debates, representations, and flows of knowledge? The OII's 'Geographies of the Word's Knowledge' booklet approaches this exciting and complex topic through ten visualisations - each one highlighting a particular dimension of the global distribution of knowledge. The booklet presents and interprets visualisations of global distributions of literacy and gender, Internet penetration, the world's media and media readership, the distribution of academic knowledge by country and language, and global distributions of user-generated content in Google, Flickr, and Wikipedia. Visualisations allow us to quickly grasp complex dynamics and gain unexpected insights: with this booklet we hope to show that - despite the fact that information can now theoretically be produced almost anywhere - much of the world still remains absent from the global map of knowledge.

The booklet 'Geographies of the World’s Knowledge' is available free as PDF (English and German) and as iBook for iPad at Apple iBookstore.

All the visualisations in the booklet can also be found at our Visualizing Data website.


6 mins

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