Parties, Campaigns and Representation: The Political Impact of Blogs and Social Media


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18 September 2009


Helen Margetts, Iain Dale, Andrew Rasiej, Matthew McGregor


The outcome of political careers and even campaigns is increasingly dependent on the successful mastery of new communication tools including social media.

Many MPs and members of Congress are embracing the use of social networking tools to keep in touch with their constituents, whilst Facebook, YouTube and even Twitter have potentially changed the nature of election campaigns in reaching out directly to grass-roots supporters, with the recent US presidential campaign also showing how effective these tools might be in raising funds.

At the same time, it is not clear whether these tools are likely to prove effective in engaging any voters except those who are already interested in politics, or whether their apparent 'democratisation' of traditional party structures is to be believed.

The Oxford Social Media Convention

This is part of a series of recordings from the OII's Oxford Social Media Convention, held at the University of Oxford on 18 September 2009.


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