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27 October 2008


Thinking about applying for our DPhil or MSc courses? Want to know more about what it's like to study at the OII? In this ten minute video, faculty and students talk about the OII's DPhil and MSc programmes.

Sections: I want to study the Internet - why should I come to the OII? What courses does the OII offer? The MSc in Social Science of the Internet / The DPhil in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences. What's the view from outside? (business / policy): will it help me get a job? What do the students think? Where do people go after the OII?

  • Faculty: Prof. William Dutton, Prof. Helen Margetts and Dr Ralph Schroeder.
  • Students: Lucy Power, Marcelo Thompson, Malte Ziewitz and Monica Bulger.
  • Industry / policy: Richard Allan (Cisco) and Emily Taylor (Nominet).
About our DPhil and MSc courses:

Our ten-month residential MSc in Social Science of the Internet enables students from a wide variety of backgrounds to take Internet-related courses in law, policy and other social sciences.

Our doctoral programme (DPhil) in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences is offered to students wishing to undertake groundbreaking, detailed study of the Internet and its social impact.


10 mins

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