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06 February 2014

Visualization is a ubiquitous technology, just like telecommunication. However, unlike a telephone system, humans play an integral part inside the "box" of visualization. This poses a significant challenge in establishing a theory of visualization.

06 March 2014

In this seminar Professor Jon Agar will introduce the concept of working worlds, illustrate how they can be used to think about past and present science, and identify some problems and issues.

04 July 2006

A workshop organised by the Digital Curation Centre and the Digital Preservation Coalition to explore the range of policies required to manage, preserve and reuse the information held within digital repositories over time.

05 December 2013

Cory Doctorow discusses the themes from his talk given in the OII Politics and the Internet seminar series. NB The interview for part 1 (Alec Ross) was not recorded.

06 May 2009

Elizabeth Judge addresses the separate issue of the copyright implications for government-facilitated online access to materials in which copyright is owned by third parties. She analyses the extent to which the Crown is permitted to use private copyrighted materials and, in turn, the extent to which the Crown can make those works available to the public, considering in particular the theories of implied licence and waiver.

10 February 2006

The loss of control over one's 'own' data to state and private organizations has provoked anxieties over the fate of privacy and autonomy. Is it reasonable to seek meaningful limits on institutions' accumulation and use of data on ourselves? What principle or strategy could be put forward to draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable uses of personal data? Professor James Rule has devoted a substantial portion of his career to the study of privacy and surveillance.

13 February 2014

Interview with Julian Huppert MP recorded before his talk "Privacy in a Digital Age", part of the OII's Policy and the Internet series.

06 October 2011

Professor William Dutton, director of the OII, talks about Steve Jobs.