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24 February 2015

India’s right to information movement demonstrated the potential to combat corruption through social audits – an exercise to share and verify public records with people.

10 February 2015

How can NGOs like Oxfam come together with academics and practitioners alike to tackle emerging privacy and security challenges when it comes to effective management of data?

03 February 2015

An in-depth study of the most powerful electronics contractor and the lives of its 1.4 million workers.

29 January 2015

This talk will discuss some of Farmerline's success factors, including its locally adapted technological solutions and strong local outreach

27 January 2015

Since Tavaana's launch in 2010, the e-learning institute has safely educated thousands of Iranians about democracy and human rights.

02 December 2014

Recording of the live Virtual Open Day Broadcast, streamed on 2nd December 2014.

18 November 2014

Recording of the OII Open Day 2014

07 November 2014

Interview with Barry Wellman on receiving a lifetime achievement award at the OII Internet Awards 2014.